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Electric Picnic 2010 - Joe Echo

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ATL | 20:55 UK time, Friday, 3 September 2010

Crawdaddy Tent, Friday 3rd September, 5.30pm

Describe in a tweet: Irish rock's Mr. Nice Guy wins more friends.

What happened: Ciaran Gribben, stalwart of our home parish, delivers a solid set of festival tunes. Brother John on guitar, Matt McGinn on keys, Carl Harvey on bass and Hammy on drums makes the Joe Echo c 2010 a much more beefed up affair than before when the songs could get lost in the fragility of a solo performance. Songs such as 'The Heart That Knows Desire' cry out for a full band to deliver the nuance and the cresting/falling/cresting dynamic that has always marked out JE's songwriting style.


Electric Dreams: The latter half of the set seems to explode into life after some listless moments early on. It's a short enough festival set, so we understand its difficult to hit the ground running and overall, this performance is weighted pretty much perfectly. 'Tilly's Cowboy', new single 'Sink Your Teeth In' and especially ATL fave 'Wonderful Way' are clear evidence of a growing body of work. The setlist is becoming crammed with first class material.

Ants at a Picnic: One or two tunes were overly drawn out. The band are having a ball, so it's hard to really threaten fisticuffs over it.

Electric Picnic rating: 8/10


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