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Electric Picnic 2010 - Heathers

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ATL | 15:10 UK time, Saturday, 4 September 2010

Main Stage, Saturday 4th September, 2.15pm

Describe in a tweet: Two girls, a guitar, and a MASSIVE sound.

What Happened: In a sense, Heathers are the Ramones of folk. Strumming that acoustic guitar with the urgency of a runaway freight train, the dual voices of Ellie and Louise Macnamara soar high into the overcast sky. And then the next song is the same. And the one after that.

Taken individually, the songs are full of charm, but when placed together they reveal a rather limited range of dynamics. This is something which would easily derail a lesser performer, but the twin sisters have a natural charm, approaching their performance on the main stage like it was an intimate gig in someone's living room, in front of a bunch of friends. A few well chosen cover versions (The Mountain Goats, Tegan and Sara, Beyonce) break things up, as does the addition of a cellist. A selection of new songs reveal a greater desire to branch out, hinting that this lack of dynamics won't be a problem for too much longer.

Electric Dreams: The between song banter between the girls is just delightful, putting ATL in a very happy place indeed.

Ants on a Picnic: Occasionally, the voices get a little too shrill, causing ATL to wince somewhat.

EP Rating: 7/10


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