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Electric Picnic 2010 - Greg Wilson

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ATL | 19:22 UK time, Friday, 3 September 2010

B Bar, Friday 3rd September, 5.30pm

Describe in a tweet: Imagine it was like this all the time.

What happened: Honestly folks, this was just wonderful. Sun splitting the trees, cocktails flowing, just the right amount of people and some of the finest disco tracks ever put to record. This is, quite literally, what it's all about.

Electric Dreams: Other than the vibe and setting being what we're assuming heaven is like? Okay then, let's name some tunes. The slow groove version of Missy Elliot - 'Work It' sets us up nicely while 'Walk like an Egyptian'  makes us feel a little silly, in the best possible way. As for Chic - 'I Want You Love'? Ach come now. It's pretty much the perfect festival moment.  

Ants at a Picnic: There's a guy who occasionally joins in by playing the bongos. It makes ATL very, VERY angry indeed. If there was meant to be bongos on any of these tracks, which there blatantly isn't, the countless number of musicians and engineers involved might have thought of adding them. SO DO ONE, HIPPY.

Electric Picnic rating: 9/10 (Nice one hippy, you robbed Greg Wilson of a perfect ten. Happy now?)


  • Comment number 1.

    regarding the porpoise pup at spurn point
    it was stated that spurn point was in lincolnshire
    spurn point has never been in lincolnshire-it has always been in east yorkshire(sometimes humberside) but never never in lincolnshire
    please please get it right


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