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Electric Picnic 2010 - Eels

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ATL | 13:31 UK time, Saturday, 4 September 2010

Crawdaddy Stage, Friday 3rd September 10.40pm

Describe in a tweet: Hairy, leery, quite contrary.

What Happened: Mark 'E' Everet is an unpredictable sort, constantly reinventing not just his music, but how it's presented live.

On this tour, it's him, four hairy mates and a lot of guitars. Which works a treat for the most part, until you realize the downside - no keyboards or samples means some of their biggest/best tracks can't/won't be played.

Electric Dreams: E's in a good place, playing highlights from what's a very upbeat, positive record (by his standards anyway), clearly in his element throwing rock star poses. When he's de-axed to sing, he even plays air guitar. It's fun to watch.

Despite the new stuff coming across well, 'Soulwjacker Part 1' and 'Mr E's Beautiful Blues' are blatant highlights, the latter reinvented as a mash up with 'Twist and Shout', which really, really works.

Ants at a picnic: It's great that every tour they do is completely different, but it sucks to miss out on hearing the likes of 'It's a M***********', 'Susan's House' and 'Novocaine for the Soul'.

Yes, they wouldn't have worked in tonight's set, but ATL's also assuming E is using that as an excuse to kill off tracks he's sick off.

EP rating: 7/10


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