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Electric Picnic 2010 - Bad Lieutenant

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ATL | 20:08 UK time, Saturday, 4 September 2010

Electric Arena, Saturday 4th September, 7.00pm

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The best New Order tribute about!

What happened: Walking into the Electric Arena, Bernard Sumner is doing his best 'Dad at a wedding' rock pose, managing to be simultaneously embarrassing and completely trimphnat. The tent was sparse until the opening chords of New Orders 'Regret' when everybody realised what was about to take place. Another classic followed with 'Ceremony' , before changing the pace for a Bad Lieutenant original, 'Sink or Swim'. Sumner was clearly 'in charge', making us all aware he's had sound issues and ordering the poor stage hand around. At one stage he claimed, "you just can't get the staff these days" - making ATL think Sumner has gone too far down Diva road. But he quickly followed it up with, "and you can't get the crowds either!", with a good dose of wry humour.

This slightly bitter awareness as to why anybody was there means they knock out a version of  'Bizarre Love Triangle'. It's hardly New Order, but it's close enough for a bit of nostalgia and a grinning dance.

Electric Dreams: Those opening chords of 'Regret' when you're really not expecting it. Everybody's faces turned into caricatures with extreme grins of win.

Ants at my Picnic: Sumner certainly as a bit of a jaded humour about him. Complaints about the sound and demanding the stage crew about does take away from the performance.

EP Rating: 6/10


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