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Belsonic 2010 - Kasabian

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ATL | 00:18 UK time, Wednesday, 18 August 2010

ek20.jpgIn a tweet: The Stone Roses for the Soccer AM generation.

What happened: There was barely a moment to pause from start to finish. The Kasabian formula isn't the most complex in the world but dearie me, do we love it. The first track 'Shoot The Runner' draws the crowd in and from that moment on they're slaves to the absolute will of Tom Meighan. Kasabian have an almost legendary reputation for live performances and it's clear to see why - the choruses are constantly huge, the transitions from song to song are barely noticeable and there's constantly an almost tribal drumbeat from percussionist Ian Matthews. Tracks like 'Underdog' have iconic riffs and big blues-laden distorted numbers doff a cap in the direction of The Jam or The Clash and are utterly memorable.

The band's repertoire varies little in style but significantly in terms of quality. Granted, you can't play nearly 2 hours worth of singles but the masses traversing towards the bars during the set spoke with their feet in regards to certain tracks. 'Thick As Thieves' was an unusual choice for the set - a softer, almost folksy song that wouldn't be out of place at a Colin Meloy concert - and it seemed to come out of the blue compared to the upbeat rock we'd experienced for six straight songs previously. 'Track The Doberman' is a clinker of a track, rising and falling with some simply immense drumming. It feels like a show closer, but this reviewer's first impressions were misleading.

We're at the final bend now and Kasabian are flying. It's simply hit after hit, and the crowd are loving it. The arms are waving, oohing and aahing, singing and dancing. Meighan struts and parades around on stage, fully aware that the entire audience is captivated. And then boom. L.S.F. starts, and the audience erupt. Quite simply there are few British bands that can match this act in terms of a stadium performance.

Happiness: The bassline in 'Fast Fuse'. Although it's roughly halfway through the set, it's this reviewer's track of the night.

Where Did All The Love Go?: The instrumental introduction to 'Club Foot' was nearly three minutes long. There's building up to a song and there's simply putting time in.

Belsonic rating: 8/10



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