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Oxegen 2010 - We Are Scientists

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ATL | 18:10 UK time, Sunday, 11 July 2010


Heineken Green Spheres, Sunday 11th July, 4pm

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Keith Murray makes sure we're all paying attention!

What Happened: It's still early enough, but ATL are quickly woken up by the extreme energy that We Are Scientists blast on stage with. The tent fills up nicely as they launch into old favorites like 'This Scene is Dead' and 'Inaction', and the audience have no problem chanting back the lines. They almost warn the crowd that the next song is a new one and bass player, Chris Cain, encourages the punters to "moan along" as they won't know the lyrics. But it's not long until the tent is belting back the chorus line, "I Don't Bite but You Can't Believe It". Catchy as ever, the new song equally matches the quality of their older tunes.

But We Are Scientists are well toured on the festival circuit and know how to work the crowd. The energy never dips as they blast into their 'hit' song, 'Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt', and it's clear why this band have stuck about. We Are Scientists are an exciting band to watch, with hooks that you'll find yourself singing aloud once you're trudging yourself back out into the arena.

Crazy in Love: New Song "I Don't Bite" being rather damn good. And now wanting to check out their new album.

99 Problems: Having to run across site before the end of the set.

Oxegen rating: 7/10


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