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Oxegen 2010 - The Coronas

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ATL | 15:54 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

Main stage, Friday 9th July, 3pm

Describe in a tweet: Stepping up to the plate.

What happened:  There's always a few bands like this with decent slots every year - acts that only the Irish seem to get. The Corona's seem massive here, yet struggle to get arrested in Belfast, let alone anywhere else. So basically, we're here to see if this is just a case of the Irish loving their own. Turns out that's not it at all- they're actually pretty great.

Crazy In Love: 'San Diego' and 'Grace Don't Wait' are massive singalongs, maybe six or seven thousand people hollering away, roaring every word. 'This is not a Test' is a little darker and shows some depth - we're grateful for proof they're not some kind of indie-pop cyborgs. Although those new songs are sparkling and radio-ready.

99 Problems: They'll never be a particularly credible act - that commercial sound could start to grate after a while. Should they care? On a day like this, not a jot.

Oxegen rating: 7/10


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