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Oxegen 2010 - Plan B

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ATL | 18:56 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

planb_1.JPGVodafone Stage, Friday 9th July, 6.25pm

Describe in a tweet:
Almost incredible enough to make us stay in torrential rain for an hour. Almost.

What happened: So yeah, it's raining. Belting it down. We'll be honest readers, at this point we're starting to get grumpy. Why does this happen every single year? Here we have Plan B, an incredible artiste right slap bang in the middle of 'his time', playing with a full compliment of amazing musicians, looking the part, putting on a show. Yet we're almost literally washed  towards shelter half way through his set. Then you sit somewhere, shivering and wringing out your jacket, feeling guilty you bailed on such a good show. Fun times, eh?

Crazy in Love: The beat-boxer who introduces Plan B is so good it actually starts to get annoying. How the ruddy heck is he doing this? Mad techno beats, samples and vocals all at the same time?! IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. Anyway, what we see of Plan B is pretty special. The soul thing is working a treat and that new album flourishes. 'She Said' is cheekily played two songs in and is the weekends first big moment. Oh, and the guitarist looks like Napoleon Dynamite which is a lovely bonus.

99 Problems: Without doing the 'we prefer the early stuff best' shtick (truth is we're undecided), the grimey, nasty and genuinely unique Plan B of old is almost forgotten about, which is a shame. The 'new direction' is great and everything, but the soul and horns thing has been done to death recently, thanks mostly to Mark Ronson. So this set could have done with a little more contrast. Good stuff none the less.

Oxegen Rating: 8/10 


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