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Oxegen 2010 - Joe Echo

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ATL | 18:15 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

2FM Hot Press Academy, Friday 9th July, 5.20pm

Describe in a Tweet: Everybody get your hands in the air! NOW SING!!!

What Happened: As the rain starts to fall, many people are foced to seek shelter in the in 2FM Hot Press Academy. And it's a good thing they do, as Joe Echo is ready to lift the roof of the place with a set of anthemic indie-rock and a voice that could part the clouds. Every time the man opens his mouth, it seems like the world flips upside down. From a cavernous roar to an intimate whisper, Ciaran Gribbin displays an impressive selection of vocal gymnastics, without ever lapsing into indulgence.

The tunes are lean and radio friendly and the audience responds in kind, taking part in lots of clapping and sing-a-longs. But with a voice like Je Echo, how can the crowd ever hope to compete?

Crazy in Love: 'Tilly's Cowboy' and new single 'Wonderful Way' sound like stone cold classics.

99 Problems: There is an outbreak of some serious hardcore revelling during the set, but it comes with the territory, I suppose.

Oxegen Rating: 7/10



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