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Oxegen 2010 - Hot Chip

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ATL | 12:07 UK time, Sunday, 11 July 2010

HotChip.jpgHeineken Green Spheres, Saturday 10th July, 10.10pm

Describe in a Tweet: Put some effort in, lads.

What Happened: Other than a load of random looking blokes playing their (occasionally excellent) tunes, not much, really. 24 hours previous on this stage we witnessed Empire of the Sun compliment themselves with dancers, simple visuals and props. Later that night David Guetta brought further glitz and a proper visual experience. Any dance act worth their salt (or with enough record sales and thus money to spend) adds some kind of visual aspect and reaps the benefits. But Hot Chip are just about this music. Which, we guess, is admirable. Except in a more real sense it makes the experience of watching them very, very boring.

Crazy in Love: 'One Life Stand' is wonderful, everything that is great about this band wrapped up in a four minute pop nugget.

99 Problems: Seems lousy to go on about the massive technical issues the band had at the start (it's a festival - these things happen) so we won't. However, there was no excuse for those dodgy backing vocals ruining 'Over and Over'.

Oxegen Rating: 5/10


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