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Oxegen 2010 - Goldfrapp

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ATL | 02:28 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010


Green Spheres Tent, Friday 9th July, 9.40pm

Describe in a Tweet: Electro-glam ups the revelling levels.

What Happened: Keytars are an instrument so profoundly uncool that they've come full circle and become cool again. And always ahead of the pack, Ms Alison Goldfrapp has two of them. With a set that dips in and out of her extensive back catalogue, we are treated to a slick, but oddly unmoving show. It's all very slick, and the band are in impressive form, but there's a chill at the heart of it all that is never far from the surface.

Ms Goldfrapp herself has an incredible vocal presence, which largely makes up for the lack of involvement the band have with the crowd. But the set only really takes off when they deviate from the sweeping, cinematic material, and get stuck into their electro take on glam rock. As the synths switch from the "swoosh" setting to the "bleuurgghh" setting, it all starts to make much more sense, and the set really starts to connect.

Crazy in Love: The band are impressively attired, resembling a disco-funk space pop band from the future. If such a thing were possible.

99 Problems: During some of the slower numbers, the set really begins to drag, and one starts to notice that Goldfrapp's main on-stage movement is to perpetyally sway her arms back and forward, like a child pretending to be an aeroplane.

Oxegen Rating: 6/10


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