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Oxegen 2010 - Fred Falke

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ATL | 19:48 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

Dance Arena, Friday 9th July, 6.00pm

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Fred Falke gets the crowd moving at #Oxegen 2010

What Happened: As the rain started to get heavier on the site it seemed that the smart money was on an act in a tent, where it's always dry and always night time. With this in mind, your unhardy reviewer headed to check out one of the hottest producer/DJs on the scene at the moment. Legendary for his own productions, as well as collaborations with long time partner-in-rhyme Alan Braxe, Fred is currently one of the most in-demand remixers in the business.

Glad to see then that the Oxegen crowd was not disappointed with his hour long set. He began by putting a record on (well, pressing play on a mac) and picking up an electric bass and playing along live. The crowd lapped it up which, combined with the dramatic light show, resulted in a very active dancefloor. In the last half hour of his set, Fred plundered through his own remixes of tracks by Goldfrapp (Number 1), Gossip (A Heavy Cross), Ke$ha (Tik Tok) and finally, accompanied by himself on bass, Robyn's latest single Dancing On My Own. At this point he cleared the stage for next act Aeroplane to rapturous applause and chanting. Fred is clearly welcome back anytime. 

Crazy in Love: The addition of live bass from Fred Falke himself added a new level to the set.

99 Problems: At one point, while meandering towards the stage, your brave reviewer accidentally stumbled into "the circle of fear", where there was a stand-off between two angry men. Security were straight in though to split it up, otherwise, y'know, Team ATL would have got involved.

Oxegen Rating: 8/10


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