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Oxegen 2010 - Florence & The Machine

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ATL | 19:43 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010

Florence.jpgMain Stage, Saturday 10th July, 6.10pm

Describe in a Tweet: The straw that broke the camel's back. Please stop raining. We beg you :-(

What Happened: ATL's brain finally short circuits in the rain and we start to find poor old Flo really, really annoying.

Crazy in Love: It's not so much the tunes. 'Drumming Song' is brilliantly menacing and may be her finest track, while 'Cosmic Love' presents itself as something of a lost gem. For the choruses alone, 'Dog Days' and 'Rabbit Heart' deserve that barmy reaction, though Flo's conducting of the masses with a drumstick did help. Although having said that (and even though it sends an enormous crowd to new levels of appreciation) we've never enjoyed her tedious cover of 'You Got The Love', the single most bate out disco tune of all time.

99 Problems: Fair chance this is just down to the weather getting out of hand and making us very, very grumpy, but Florence is starting to get on our nerves. The stupid dancing, the faux-hippy nonsense, the occasional screeching. It screams one word - MELTER. Fair chance we're in the minority here, given what's happening around us.

Oxegen Rating: 5/10


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