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Oxegen 2010 - Eliza Doolittle

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ATL | 14:54 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

Main Stage, Friday 9th July, 2.00pm

Describe in a tweet:  A melted peach melba on a Mediterranean cruise ship.

What happened: Eliza was the first performer of the festival to hit the main stage in a flimsy peach summer outfit, alongside three preppyily dressed musicians (one being called Charleston). Eliza's beautiful vocals soared into the raining skies, whilst fans crowded around in wellies and ponchos. Oblivious to the elements, the vocalist floatily danced the cha cha on stage to the slow tempo of the double bass, much like you would expect from the onboard entertainment of a cruise ship. To boot the acoustic guitarist / ukelele player and tambourine hitting drummer sang along in a Beach Boys-esque fashion. After Eliza threatened to sing a Justin Bieber song, she performed Aretha Franklin's 'I Never Loved A Man', followed with the lyrically questionable 'Mr Medicine' and first single 'Skinny Genes'. Announcing the release of her self-titled debut album in Ireland, she was cheered on by fans and thanked everyone for their support to date.   

Crazy In Love:  The last song of the set and meloic pop wonder 'Pack Up' was sung with more conviction by Eliza than the rest and got fans jovially singing and dancing along, under a showering rain cloud.

99 Problems: The constant monosyllabic lyrics of 'La, La, La', 'Toot Toot' and 'Do Do Do' found me asking if I had ended up in the local children's creche. What's more, as beautiful as Eliza's vocals were, they seemed souless and left me with the feeling of tepid tea.

Oxegen Rating: 6.5/10


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