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Oxegen 2010 - Cashier No.9

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ATL | 11:38 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010

2FM Hot Press Academy, Friday 9th July, 12.20am

Describe in a Tweet: Oxegen?!?! Where are you!?!?! This is class!

What Happened: To be honest, Carryduff indie-rock titans Cashier No.9 are wasted on Oxegen this year. Up against Arcade Fire and Fatboy Slim, the 2FM Hot Press Academy tent is worryingly empty, save for the dedicated few able to resist the charms of Big Beat and Big Bands. Kicking off with 'Gold Star', the boys don't let up, turning in what could amount to a potential 'greatest hits' set in another dimension.

Relaxed and confident, Cashier are arguably a band at the peak of their powers. And it's nothing short of criminal that so few turned up to see them.

Crazy in Love: 'Lost at Sea' sounds like an anthem in the making, easily able to rival such dizzying heights as 'When Jackie Shone' and '42 West Avenue'. But then again, almost every song they do sounds like an anthem in the making...

99 Problems: While there's still a fair amount of people there, the fact that the band could probably name most of their audience gives an idea of how frustrating this must have been.

Oxegen Rating: 7/10


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