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Oxegen 2010 - Broken Social Scene

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ATL | 16:08 UK time, Monday, 12 July 2010

BSS4.JPGRed Bull Music Academy, Sunday 11th July, 8.00pm

Describe in a Tweet: Doesn't "intimate" normally mean "better"?

What Happened: The tent is alarmingly empty at the beginning of the set, with ATL having expected literally billions of people to be rushing down to catch this. The sound is not perfect, perhaps as a direct result of the four guitars fighting for space, and the collection of voices and other sounds crowding the mix. Either way, there's something sort of breathtaking about seeing this most revered collection of Canadian indie-rock titans in such a small - and, given the conditions of the festival site at this point, comfortable - location.

However, by the third or fourth song, the expected sense of euphoria hasn't really kicked in, and it all starts to feel rather ordinary. What should have been a transcendent moment now begins to feel like a slightly dreary indie gig, the kind of which can be found happening at nightclubs across the country, every single night. There's a small but devoted crew up front, who have clearly come to Oxegen just for this moment, and one gets the impression as they get to hear songs like 'KC Accidental' and 'Anthems for a Seventeen year old Girl', that they won't be disappointed. But there's a lingering sense that this should be something more, something greater.

Crazy in Love: During 'Anthems for a Seventeen Year old Girl', we are treated to perhaps the most unexpected - and lyricallydemanding - crowd singalong of the weekend. After a weekend that has produced some of the most hamfisted rhythmic interaction (ie. clapping) this correspondent has ever seen, it's nice to see Oxegen redeeming itself a little at this late stage.

99 Problems: This just didn't feel right. The emotion and the passion was there, but it didn't really seem to have anywhere to go.

Oxegen Rating: 6/10


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