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Oxegen 2010 - Black Keys

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ATL | 18:02 UK time, Friday, 9 July 2010

Main Stage, Friday 9th July, 4.10pm

Describe in a tweet: Still got the blues, unfortunately.

What happened: Perhaps an odd choice for the main stage, garage blues combo The Black Keys start churning out their riffs to a largely indifferent crowd. Sweaty riff follows sweaty riff, and the whole thing chugs along with attention levels coming and going. Accompanied by a bassist, the main problem seems to lie with the fact that this just might not be the ideal setting for this kind of music. It's all pretty accomplished stuff, and the band have serios chops, but it seems to be going over the heads of the audience.

Then they dispose of the bassist, revert back to their 'classic' line-up and start kicking out the jams. The whole set goes up a notch, provoking some serious grooving. The more aggressive the sound, the more of a reaction it gets, and by the time they leave the stage, things have seriously got cooking. A qualified success.

Crazy in Love: The southern fried blues-funk fills up ATL's empty belly.

99 Problems: Guitar solos and riffs can frequently be quite boring, you know.

Oxegen rating: 6/10


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