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Oxegen 2010 - Bell X1

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ATL | 19:11 UK time, Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bell8.JPGMain Stage, Sunday 11th July, 5.30pm

Describe in a Tweet: Way to kill the buzz, dudes!

What Happened: The mood of the crowd is especially buoyant, having been exposed to sunlight, good tunes, and a respite from the harrowing conditions of yesterday. Indeed, it almost feels as if we've scored a victory in the face of adversity, having stuck it out when others called us crazy. Yes, it was rough....but we're made of sterner stuff, and I think we've proved our point, eh?

Then Bell X1 slink on to stage, and decide to 'treat' us to a subdued set of slow burning songs, heavy on atmosphere, dark of mood, and low on crowd pleasing choruses. At one point, frontman David Geraghty gives a speech about how Oxegen 10 years ago was the first festival they'd ever played, so you'd think they'd have learned a thing or two in that time. Instead, they seem oblivious to the indifference of the huge crowd assembled, focusing on being "intense" and "emotional". When  they play 'The Great Defector', the crowd go crazy, lapping up every infectious note, jumping up and down and singing along like their lives depend upon it. This is what the crowd want, and from here on in it gets a little more lively. But ultimately it's a real wasted opportunity.

Crazy in Love: "The Great Defector" sounds like the great lost Talking Heads song, and it's treated like an unstoppable summer anthem by the assembled revellers.

99 Problems: For the first time today, ATL actually becomes slightly bored, spending more time gazing at the sun through a haze of cloud, rather than looking at the band. A vast majority of the revellers apparently feel the same way too.

Oxegen Rating: 4/10


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