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Glasgowbury 2010 - The Q

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ATL | 15:12 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010

G Sesisons, 4:50

Tweet: Rolling Stones + Kasabian + Derry accents = bloody good time.

What happened: The Q don't mess around. The tent is packed for their appearance (partially due to ASIWYFA playing straight after the band) and dearie me, can frontman Paul Connolly work a crowd. The songs are formulaic: loud and proud guitar riffs, bouncing basslines and huge choruses as tried and trusted tracks like "Magpie" and "Radio" have the entire crowd singing and dancing along. It's a much tighter set than last year, but the raw energy and just plain excitement caused by the band still remain. A perfect band for a festival.

On Top of The Mountain: "Orson Welles" is simply a superb track, slightly veering away from the happy clappy influences and towards something darker with a lovely little breakdown at the end.

Slip, Sliding Down The Slopes: Upcoming single "James" seemed like an odd choice to end the set with due to the fact it's less intense than most of the tracks played, but it's understandable why the band came to that decision in terms of promotion.


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