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Glasgowbury 2010 - Key Of Atlas

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ATL | 02:47 UK time, Saturday, 24 July 2010

Key.jpgG Sessions, 1pm

Describe in a Tweet:
Everyone's so young these days, aren't they?

What Happened:

This reviewer's first hour at Glasgowbury will be spent in the company of Key of Atlas and The Wonder Villians, two new, cherubic bands, whose collectives have an average age of about 18. Forget your headliners today - this new, NEW wave of talent is where it's really at.

On Top of the Mountain:
Plenty going on here - 'Fathers and Kings' is strangely epic, while 'Paper Swans' is a nice indication of how good this band could be, once they grow into their sound. The spikey 'She's not the one For Me' takes things in a completely different direction, while 'Pure Black Spectrum'  is a real highlight, if a little dark and menacing for a tent full of hungover campers.

Slip, sliding on the slope:

Technical blips do their best to sabotage their set, with a couple of restarts and the odd collapsing mic stand, but Key of Atlas won't have anything get in their way.


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