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Glasgowbury 2010 - A Plastic Rose

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ATL | 04:29 UK time, Sunday, 25 July 2010

APR2.jpgG Sessions, 7:45pm

Tweet: Band built to play festivals, plays festival.

What happened: Pretty much your full house in the bingo-card of festival cliches - sing alongs, call and responses, crowd surfing, referencing other bands on the bill, technical difficulties etc etc

On Top of the Mountain: Where to start with this lot, eh? No band on the bill works as well at a festival as A Plastic Rose. Singer Gerry conducts throughout, previewing lyrics so we know our bits and cueing hand claps. 'The Colour Blue' is a welcomed slap in the face, but it's all building up to 'Kids Don't Behave like This.' A dodgy guitar (and a couple of minutes to fix it) only adds to the drama. At this point it's literally 'taps aff' for Gerry and time for THE standout moment in a day of stand out moments. Just....special. What a song.

Slip, Sliding Down the Slope: The bass player fell over. But he turned it into a roll and was
back on his feet in seconds, barely missing a note. When your luck's in....


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