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Oxegen 2010 - David Guetta

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ATL | 12:56 UK time, Saturday, 10 July 2010

Green Spheres Tent, Friday 9th July, 11:15pm

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  David Guetta gets the masses moving...

What Happened: David Guetta's set for many of the Oxegen revellers this year is expected to be one of the highlights. His fame is growing at an exponential rate and his knack for producing floor-fillers in clubs has become legendary. As both a producer and a popstar in his own right, his songs are hits all around the globe.

It is no surprise then that his set is full of back-to-back crowd pleasers that keep the dance fan masses entertained non-stop for the 90 minute set. He opens up with the proclamation that "Ireland has the worst weather" and has a laugh before re-assuring us that regardless of this "we are going to have the best night of the year".

The crowd are ready for him and, in fact, have already warmed up their vocal chords with the string of hit singles that have been playing out through the PA in the gap between the previous act (Goldfrapp) and him. David though was up to the challenge and kicked proceedings off with his '**** Me I'm Famous' remix of his own track 'Memories' featuring Kid Cudi. The sound system has no problems coping with the level that he is pumping out the tunes at. 

The whole show is a tightly knit production. The large screen behind the stage for instance is synced up with the music and whenever he plays 'Sexy Chick' the text on the screen flashes with the words 'Sexy B****'. It really was a full on multi-media production and one which the crowd absolutely lapped up. At one point there where dancing robots on stage covered in what can only be described as LED light suits shooting out smoke from their wrists. It really was a sight to behold and one which this reviewer will not forget in a hurry.

Crazy in Love: Towards the end of the performance David asked everyone to take out their mobile phones and hold them in the air so he could take a picture and show his friends in Ibiza this moment which he will never forget. He did seem to be genuinely blown away by the reaction.

99 Problems:  It was a bit samey to be fair.

Oxegen Rating: 9/10


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