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Ward Park 2010 - Cat Malojian

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ATL | 14:19 UK time, Saturday, 5 June 2010

Cat.jpgWhen: 7.00pm

Where: Guinness Stage

Describe in a tweet: Sheer charm defeats technical difficulties

The cheer that greets Cat Malojian when they appear brings a smile to ATL's face. Amidst a galaxy of glittering stars, it's nice to know that homegrown heroes can be as appealing as the main draw. Almost instantly though, some ear bursting feedback threatens to bring things to a premature halt. The on-stage mix seems to be failing as guitars and vocals seem to come and go. Another howl of feedback, and we're away, a display of technical virtuosity that gets the assembled revelers on their feet and dancing, rather than clutching their ears in pain.

Cat Malojian are a band that meld seemingly disparate influences together in such a way as to make them seem like they're joined at the hip. The Appalachian folk sounds of the acoustic guitar and the banjo are joined by some processed beats and spacey keyboard sounds, making it hard to pin down this music to any particular style or genre.

No matter - the tales of vegetables for dinner, and the heart-warming tale of a particular part of the anatomy missing its twin (I'll not mention which part of the anatomy) manage to distract the audience from the obvious sound problems affecting the band. It's a real shame for them, but you've got to salute them for pushing through.

You Are My Joy: A guitar and banjo duel on the Super Mario Brothers theme gets us in the mood for a shindig.

Shut Your Eyes: The sound problems are punishing, and clearly affect the band, causing this to be a thwarted victory.

Ward Park Rating: 5/10 (but 7/10 for trying...)


  • Comment number 1.

    I agree that their music is fastenating and new, I wouldnt know what to call it either but it definitly works and is very memorable.
    I disagree with the emphasis on the feedback.
    Its live music, a bit of feedback and fine tuning doesnt really annoy anyone that much - if atall.
    It didnt bother me atall, this might sound strange but I think things like that add to a live a gig.
    Nothing worse than a recorded and someone miming, this is real music in the real world.

    Thought they were the best gig of the night although I couldnt actually hang around for Snow Patrol who I'm sure rocked the place!

  • Comment number 2.

    Despite the sound problems Cat Malojian rose above them and put on a first class performance. With there unique sound and brilliant song they were the highlight of the day.
    I can only take my hat of to them raise a glass and say well done.
    On and upwards The Cats.

  • Comment number 3.

    ward park gig was a wonderful day allround all the bands kept to their end of the bargain as for the sound on the guinness stage feedback on stage should be a thing of the past the sound guys on this stage seem only interested in one band cat malojian did rise above it and had a great gig if your listeners had thier albums they will find they dont hide behind the noise not to worry the dawn choures is gary lightbody favorite album right now happy days good luck in canada


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