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Rigsy | 14:11 UK time, Monday, 7 June 2010

guacamole.jpgThe biggest gig to ever happen in Northern Ireland, hosted by the biggest band we have ever produced - and it all took place at a cricket pavilion in North Down.

ATL was all over Ward Park on Saturday and here's what we've come up with in terms of coverage.

Our beautiful website is full of pictures, tweets and a review of every band who performed.

On tonight's radio show, from 8pm on BBC Radio Ulster, we'll have highlights from Snow Patrol, General Fiasco, Lisa Hannigan, Cashier No.9 and Robyn G Shiels as well as listener reviews and all the gossip from the two days we spent in Bangor town.

This Wednesday, at 11.15pm on BBC ONE NI we present an hour of Snow Patrol's set and an interview with the entire band.

Next Tuesday (June 15) we've another TV show, this time at 10pm on BBC TWO NI, featuring tracks from Snow Patrol, Lisa Hannigan, General Fiasco and Band of Horses.

And as you'd expect, both the Across the Line and Rigsy twitter pages are full of random nonsense and mini-reviews direct from Ward Park.

What a day that was though, eh? We'd love to hear about your own stand out moment. Text us on 81771 once we get on air tonight, comment on facebook, tweet us or just comment here. We'll read your contributions out tonight.

As for team ATL, here's what did it for us...

Rigsy (ATL presenter)
After the look of (understandable) bewilderment on Gary's face from seeing that sea of people for the first time during the opening couple of tracks, coupled with the first hints of that ludicrous light and visual show, it was lovely to hear 'We Could Be Happy' - a dinky, cute little song never meant to be heard by 40,000 people at one time. Yes, Snow Patrol have written some of the greatest, biggest sounding songs of the last ten years, but they've also written some of the prettiest.

Steven Rainey (ATL Friend and Contributor)
On a day which saw the second stage giving the main stage a real run for it's money, perhaps the most memorable moment was provided by the unstoppable Cashier No9, looking like they owned the place. As 'When Jackie Shone' kicked in, the guitar sounded like it was exploding out of the insides of my brain, provoking an outbreak of pogoing which threatened to sweep a large section of the crowd. As Snow Patrol were preparing for the gig of a lifetime, all eyes were on the Carryduff indie-rock machine.

Amy McGarrigle (ATL Content Assistant)
One of the first "moments" of Ward Park had to be hearing thousands of people singing back the lyrics of 'General Fiasco's 'Rebel Get By', sending the days first wave of shivers down my back (many more would follow). General Fiasco looked absolutely tiny on the HUGE stage, but it quickly became clear that GF are now a 'band of the people'. They really were the perfect band to open such a massive day in Northern Irelands music history.

Paul McClean (ATL Producer)
Even in soundcheck it sounded special. I was madly googling this obscure but beauitful B side I was hearing. What were these lyrics? Nope nowt coming back. Thank goodness, I wasn't going mad after all. Chatting to soundguys afterwards it transpires it's a brand new song written by Gary and the band in the last few weeks and refined over a few soundchecks. It started with the normal Sound Patrol set up, then a few strings in the style of the 'Reworked' tour crept in. Sure why not throw in some brass. Aye, and a rake of percussion. And Iain Archer. 'Big Broken' is something you will be hearing a lot of soon, we hope. The band are buzzed, and after hearing it a few times, it is a typical Lightbody earworm. I cant shift it for the life of me. Not allowed to play it just yet, as it hasn't even been recorded properly, so watch this space.


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