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Heathers - Q & A

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ATL | 17:00 UK time, Wednesday, 30 June 2010

l_aa0c6463a19e493da1a1d3563b4b994f.jpgFresh from their Irish tour, Heathers are readying themselves for a number of festival dates this summer, including Electric Picnic.

ATL caught up with twin sisters Ellie and Louise MacNamara to talk about everything from Paul Simon to popcorn.


Hello there Heathers, and how the Dickens are you right now?

We are absolutely fantastic, Thank you!

Why the heck should we give a stuff about your band then?;)

Just because...

When and how did you all get it together to become gods of Indie/Pop?

We started playing music together in 2007, so it has been around three years now. A lot of our friends were in bands, so I guess that inspired us to start writing music.

And what is the deal with Our Thursdays? What is it? How do bands get involved and will you be playing at Arthur's Day then?

Our Thursdays gives emerging bands the chance to showcase their music and possibly play at Arthur's Day. It's a fantastic idea. Bands can get involved by logging in here and YES we will be playing at Arthur's Day.

TOPICAL QUESTION OF THE WEEK - Will you be able to watch the World Cup without cursing Thierry Henry and his "busy hands"?

Hahaha. We're not the biggest football fans... so I guess YES and NO.

Have you had the chance to tour much outside Ireland yet?

We've toured around the US twice with an American band called Ghost Mice. One summer we did the West Coast and Mid West, the next summer we did the East Coast and Mid West again. They were two of the best times of our life so far. Other than that, we played a show in London's Union Chapel supporting Kimya Dawson, and played Canadian Music Week in Toronto in 2009.

You recently featured in an ad (for tourism Ireland) What type of foodstuff would you most like to soundtrack?We think you would go very well with a fruit salad. Tasty, nutritious and summery.

Hmm... That's a difficult one. We do love food, and fruit salad. We're both vegetarians, so maybe something meatless. Popcorn, perhaps.

Your house has been maliciously set ablaze by as yet un-named evil forces, but you have the strength to battle the flames and fumes to rescue one piece of music, what is it and why?

Paul Simon - Graceland. We've been listening to this since we were young-wans. It never gets old, and brings back great memories.

Tell us your favourite one-liner... (joke, that is)

We don't like jokes...

Do people often get surprised that you aren't living very comfortably given your rising profile?

Not really, people generally aren't that interested in how much money we have. We're both in University and still living at home, so thankfully this isn't too much of an issue right now.

Tell us this, if you were portrayed in a film, who would play you?

Louise - Queen Latifah
Ellie - Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester in Glee)

Who is the greatest human to have ever lived?

Beyonce Knowles.

Lastly, in three words describe life, the universe and everything within it...

Complex, Confusing... AMAZING.



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