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Chattering Classes #12 - The Jane Bradfords

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ATL | 15:09 UK time, Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Jane Bradfords are one of the most discussed Northern Irish acts of the last few years, off the back of some memorable live turns and an eponymous debut album which wasn't afraid to be a little bit different. The band, which is essentially local DJ and man about town Deci Gallen and his friends, is in the process of making a return.

But before a gig at the Speakeasy in Belfast next week, there's the small matter of speaking to our Rigsy on MSN, about sunshine and beer...


2:00pm Rigsy says: deci gallen of the band the jane bradfords how are you

2:01pm Deci says: I'm good. what's this about?

2:02pm Rigsy says: it's a thorough investigation into your band. what are you up to today, what can you see around you :-)

2:02pm Deci says: right now I'm sitting in my studio looking at my iMac that isn't working properly and strongly considering bucking it out a window :(

2:04pm Rigsy says: last night you were playing scratch my music. kind of a feedback session at the oh yeah building

2:04pm Deci says: yeah it was great. weird but really useful. I wasn't expecting either many people or many questions but we had plenty of both

2:05pm Rigsy says: have many people heard tracks from the second album?

2:06pm Deci says: there are two up on our myspace and we aired another two over the PA last night. There's also a live vid of 'About our love' on youtube which will also be on the new album

2:06pm Rigsy says: how have people reacted to these tracks? first album went down so well people may be hoping for more of the same...

2:08pm Deci says: For most people its been positive but for those wanting more of the same they might be a bit disappointed :( I think it still sounds like the same band but 3 years on from writing a lot of the earlier songs its not too unrealistic to expect some things to change. I think its a big improvement on all fronts... but I would say that ;)

2:08pm Rigsy says: who's in the band at the moment? who's playing the gig at the speakeasy?

2:10pm Deci says: Our new lineup consists of a core of 5 people; me, ted, Johnny and two new people; Paul McAdams and Daniel Brown. Unfortunately Dan injured his hands so Dave (who used to play in the band) is returning for one last gig. Katie Richardson is joining us too... as well as anyone else we see hanging around looking like they want something to do!

2:12pm Rigsy says: ha ha, amazing! why do you think people are keen to be in the jane bradfords when it's not there own music they're playing, but yours...? if that makes sense...

2:14pm Deci says: I'd hope that its because they like the music. Hopefully they trust me as a songwriter! They do have more input now and the live band has been the key influence behind the new sound - i've been writing music i want to play live.

2:15pm Rigsy says: so whats the ETA for the album then, whats the gameplan

2:18pm Deci says: I was asked that last night and I simply don't know. Recording was more or less finished in Jan/Feb and Richard Lower and I are currently mixing. We're about half way through that stage. I'm hoping a small label puts it out so at the moment I'm concentrating on obtaining that! The album sounds like a autumn/winter album if that makes sense? I can't see people sipping beer in a garden while listening to it!!!

2:19pm Rigsy says: where can you see them listening to it?

2:23pm Deci says: Ummm, I'm not sure... indoors maybe, when it gets dark early. Maybe I'm biased into thinking that because most of the songs were written and arranged in winter time! Maybe I just sound daft... yeah actually, reading back I sound daft

2:24pm Rigsy says: no its fine, we encourage that ;-)

2:24pm Deci says: :)

2:24pm Rigsy says: before we let you go, tell us how you ended up on that TV ad then! the one for the beer... it's been on after the football and everything!

2:29pm Deci says: Ha! I still haven't seen it but keep hearing about it. I'll pretty much sell out the JBs to the highest bidder at any given opportunity. We have had music used all over the world now on everything from DVDs about surfing(?!?!?) to college film projects but the **** thing is pretty big. I'm delighted that they are looking to small unsigned Irish bands to promote their beer... and given that the song was written drunkenly it would be silly to turn it down :D

2:29pm Rigsy says: how did they get in touch though? what was the process?

2:32pm Declan says: It was really simple actually. **** just emailed and asked and on advice from a few industry people I know we managed to work out an agreement for it... It came at just the right time for us - we're trying to get back into peoples consciousness and we also have bills to pay to complete the album. **** FTW!!!!

2:33pm Rigsy says: ha ha, good stuff. I'm going to put **** over the product in question though so i don't get in trouble. so no free **** for you this time! right well we look forward to hearing the album in full. thanks deci!

2:34pm Deci says: Thanks!


The Jane Bradfords play Radar at the Speakeasy, Belfast on Thursday April 22nd. Their debut album, including Ninety-Nine (the track featured in the advert) is available to download at The Jane Bradfords' Band Camp.


  • Comment number 1.

    Ah, free puffpieces for your mates, eh, Rigsy? You should take a leaf out of Stephen Byers' book and start charging for such access. Deci would still pay, he's got no integrity at all.

  • Comment number 2.

    All of our material is free bassaliens, its the BBC. As the producer, I commissioned this piece on a popular and successful NI band. The fact that Deci is friends with any of the production team means absolutely nothing to the coverage, in fact the JBs get significantly less than they probably deserve for that reason, and the same goes for many acts in Belfast and beyond. We're very clear on this.

  • Comment number 3.

    Paul, son, if they're so popular, how come the biggest music website in Northern Ireland voted them the most over rated act of 2009?

  • Comment number 4.

    Ok this just sounds like someone is trolling. There is no need to be patronising to me personally now either. The JBs are a popular band whether you, or Fastfude, declares them otherwise. To NOT feature them because Deci worked on a regular feature on the show around 3 years ago would be daft. I can assure you very strongly there is no favouritism towards them. NI is too small a place for us to exist without eventually becoming friends with people through music.

  • Comment number 5.

    Sorry if you felt I was being patronising, mucker. Although I do think the views of Fastfude users are slightly more representative of the general consensus towards the JBs than, say, 200 odd ATL listeners? ;)

  • Comment number 6.

    I disagree, but respect your opinion.


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