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Headroom, Live on ATL

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Paul McClean | 17:45 UK time, Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Thumbnail image for rigsandsarah.jpgWell, it would be a little odd for us to review our own gig wouldn't it? Well we're going to do it anyway...

So as team ATL nurses a collective sore cranium we thought we would throw a few pics and throwaway comments from our gig on Monday onto the ATL Blog for your perusal and perhaps even comment.

For those of you who have no clue what this babbling is all about, let us explain. The BBC's Headroom campaign approached us to help spread the word about their project and we were only too happy to get them a serious line up. It was live on BBC Radio Ulster, live on the ATL homepage and also the Headroom and BBC NI hompages, plus the red button.

Duke Special kicked things off, with one of his Brecht adaptations and also his stunning cover of Mumford and Sons' The Cave.

175T1593.jpgDerry's Wonder Villains were new to many, but impressed all, managing to almost make 5ive sound cool.

Panama Kings' new material sounded predictably awesome, and the Pixies' Where Is My Mind was immaculately restored.

Aaron Shanley showed why industry are knocking on his door, and we're glad he changed his mind and retouched Ryan Adams' Two.

175T1818.jpgWe have great faith in More Than Conquerors and didnt they show some serious nerve playing Spandau Ballet's Gold as their cover?

Most people make an utter cack up of Beatles covers, but up stepped Kowalski, who played their own Take Care, Take Flight and then the Fab Four's Getting Better. Sweet.

General Fiasco were the headline act for many. Did they live up to billing? Damn straight! Owen played a very stripped back version of Hope There's Someone, by Anthony and the Johnsons, then GF's own Ever So Shy, even stepping back on later for a reprise of We Are The Foolish and Rebel Get By.

Ed Zealous are making a welcome return to our sad, empty lives. Claiming to be covering Supertramp rather than Scooter (we believe you lads), we await their new material eagerly.

175T1782.jpgIn place of Axis Of, who could we turn to in order to furnish us with some testosterone enhanced grunge? Of course, the other fab four - Lafaro! Tupenny Nudger has a new lease of life as NI's official alternative national anthem, but their cover of Tourette's by Nirvana with ASIWYFA's Tony Wright on stage with them very nearly had us looking up the yellow pages for structural engineers.

175T1844.jpgIn between the acts, Dr. Mark Hamilton joined Rigsy, Sarah and some contributors to give out advice on keeping our minds on track. You can listen again to the radio show until Monday, 5th April, and look long and indeed hard at films of all the bands' sets on the ATL website. Over and out!


Pics: www.pushfotografik.com


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