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Bats Q & A

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Paul McClean | 13:37 UK time, Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ok, so the ATL autobot is, as ever, hungry for answers. Our voracious online brain managed to hack into the brains of Dublin based band Bats, who play the Big List Big Gig on Feb 26th in the Spring and Airbrake, Belfast. Connor from the band was the unlucky soul who had his mind phished for your pleasure. Here is the virtual exchange in word form.

Hello there, and how the Dickens are you right now?

A little cold but pretty good.

Why the heck should we give a stuff about your band then ;) ?

We're completely disease free and we'll stick around to make breakfast in the morning.

Thumbnail image for BATS.JPGWhen and how did you all get it together to become Gods of Rock?

We don't believe in Gods. We evolved from the primordial soup of rock. I met Rupert wile making major motion pictures in the Irish film school. Craig and Rupert were old school friends and had been making strange sounds together since the late 1900s. Myself, Timmy and Noel met in school and had been trying to crack the early eighties power metal market for quite some time only to discover we were ten years too late. Three years ago we all decided to combine forces and become millionaires. So far no dice.


You guys are part of the ever impressive Richter Collective label (Adebisi Shank, Not Squares, The Redneck Manifesto). Does it help being part of a label that seems to have a similar ethos throughout its roster?

Absolutely. Its great to see the scene growing and evolving and reachin a wider audience. Working with a great label with other bands on the roster that I love  it gives me confidence in our own music.
Topical Question of the Week - In riveting news this week, Florence (from the Machine) said she's turned her telly off as she can't stand hearing her own music on the box. If Bats were to supply the theme tune to a TV show, what kinda programme would it be?

I can't stand hearing Florence And The Machine on the telly either. I would love to hear our music as the theme tune to a time travelling dinosaur cop show.

Your house has been maliciously set ablaze by as yet un-named evil forces, but you have the strength to battle the flames and fumes to rescue one piece of music, what is it and why?

Tough question. We're all really into Extra Life at the moment. We're finding it really inspirational and its making us want to start writing our new album straight away.

Tell us your favourite one-liner.

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing!

Bats lyrics about quantum physics and biology have apparently lead to a fan saying she's gonna become a scientist as a result. Is this a mission of Bats? 

Really? Someone is going to become a scientist because of us? Thats awesome! Our ultimate goal is to make music we love and sing about something a little more meaningful than our day to day problems and relationships. We all have personal lives, why should anyone give a shit about ours? They're not very interesting anyway.

Lastly, in three words describe life, the universe and everything within it...

In the words of the those great philosophers NWA 'F...'(Ed: I think we'll leave it there shall we?)


FREE BATS TRACK: Star Wormwood 

To download the free track above, right click on the link and choose 'Save Target As'
(if you're using a Mac it's Ctrl+click)


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