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The ATL Northern Irish Acts Of The Year!!

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ATL | 15:48 UK time, Monday, 28 December 2009

So here we are then - the top twenty Northern Irish bands of the year, as voted for by the ATL team.

From our ridiculous Ulster Hall show in March, to The Answer, General Fiasco and ASIWYFA all headlining the same venue in the last few weeks, via the biggest Glasgowbury ever and the Nordie takeover at Oxegen, the past twelve months have been an absolute gift for everyone at ATL. There's been so much to enthuse about we've struggled to fit everything we love into a mere two hour radio show every week.

Before we post the chart up, it seems like a good idea to explain exactly how we come up with our top twenty. Basically, everyone involved with Across the Line was asked to vote. Myself, producer Paul, assistant producer Amy, webguy Warren, ATL pals/fellow Radio Ulster presenters Joe Lindsay and Donna Legge and Radio One's Rory & Stephen were joined by seven of our regular web and on-air reviewers. Everyone supplied their own top twenty, with the number one act getting 20 points, the number two act 19 points... and so on. The points were added up and... voila, our overall chart.

It is what it is - a bunch of people who love local music collaborating on a vote. It's certainly not definitive in any way - but it is an interesting snapshot of our scene in 2009. Myself and Paul also reckon it would look very different if it was just the core ATL team voting! It should also be noted that certain acts were deemed too established for such a chart - Snow Patrol, The Answer, In Case of Fire and Therapy? for a start. Again, it was quite a vague ruling who should 'qualify', but a decision had to be made.

So, if you end up wondering just why your favourite local act are so far down (or maybe not featured at all), you can rest assured there's almost certainly at least one member of the ATL team who feels the exact same frustration. We could all name a few acts we believe should feature much higher on the list, but that's just the way these charts end up sometimes!

ANYWAY! Make of this what you will...  

Brackets indicate 2008 and 2007 placings. N means 'new' and N.A. means band were not included in previous years' votes.

1. (1,5) And So I Watch You From Afar

2. (2, N) Cashier No.9

3. (17, 10) Two Door Cinema Club

4. (3, 1) Lafaro

5. (5, 6) General Fiasco

6. (10, N) Cutaways

6. (7, 20) Panama Kings

8. (20, N) A Plastic Rose

9. (N) Yes Cadets

10. (12, N) Not Squares 

11. (N) Mojo Fury

12. (N) Robyn G Sheils

13. (N) Space Dimension Controller

14. (N) Nakatomi Towers

15. (N) Pocket Promise

16. (6, 2) The Jane Bradfords

17. (N.A.) Fighting with Wire

18. (4, N) Lowly Knights

19. (N) Boxcutter

20. (N.A) Oppenheimer

Congratulations then to ASIWYFA who wrap up a remarkable year by topping our chart for the second year running. Cashier No.9 are runners up once again while Yes Cadets are the highest new entry. A Plastic Rose are the biggest 'jumpers' while Cutaways, General Fiasco, Panama Kings and Lafaro enjoy a second year in our top ten!


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