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Fight Like Apes Q & A

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ATL | 13:05 UK time, Thursday, 10 December 2009

May KayWell, had you told us three years ago that a band of deranged ne'erdowells from Dublin would win our tiny hearts in 2009 we would most likely have offered you outside for some fisticuffs (we might anyway, that's the type of us). Fight Like Apes have been a firm favourite on the ATL playlist for some time, even headlining a gig for us in Stiff Kitten last year. We lured May Kay and Pockets the two handsomest member of the band into a trap using cheese and chicken wire and forced them into answering the following. The exchange took place in our native Ulster Scots and is tranlslated thus...

Hello there, and how the Dickens are you right now?
POCKETS: We're fine. We are in Odiham of all places. It's a small village not too far from London. We're doing some recording which is fun. We had a gig in the Borderline in London last night. We got to play some new songs. Everything is very positive. I'm also wearing my winter coat which is amazingly warm.

MK: Your winter coat looks great. I think you burnt a hole in my winter coat so there's some curious fluff coming out of it. Hah! Pockets' leg went on fire last night. Seriously.

Why the heck should we give a stuff about your band then ;) ?
POCKETS: Cos we're deadly and I've got a better winter coat than you. I also generally win Tabasco drinking contests. Additionally I won a trophy for basketball once. And I'm not even tall.

MK: There was recently a bet put on in a pizza restaurant in London. He was offered £9 to eat a spoon of chili sauce and he ate two for some bizarre reason. Maybe that's why your leg went on fire..?
When and how did you all get it together to become Gods of Rock?
POCKETS: The day I quit following my dream of becoming a professional basketball player and compromised.

MK: Was it not when Tom grew his hair and I started referring to myself as a vocalist?

PocketsTopical Question of The Week - The Republic of Ireland football team recently got cheated out of a space at next years World Cup by a blatant hand ball. When was the last time you were cheated out of something?
POCKETS: Tom and I play pigs alot. He cheated last time so we don't play anymore.

MK: I bought a round for €40 on Friday night and then the place shut. I feel cheated. I want a watch for Christmas.

Fight Like Apes are regarded as quite an eccentric band. What is the weirdest situation that you have ever found yourselves in as a band?
POCKETS: Hanging out with neo-Nazis while we waited for our black friend Buckshot to return to the hotel. Serious bad buzz. Mad awkward. The neo-Nazis had a peculiar young lady with them. Her name was Skrag.

MK: Skrag was not a very pleasant woman. She would rub my leg at minute intervals and kept asking if she and her neo-Nazi boyfriend could have my room key: "but it would only be for a few minutes!", she assured me, "he doesn't take long". Well in that case...

Your house has been maliciously set ablaze by as yet un-named evil forces, but you have the strength to battle the flames and fumes to rescue one piece of music, what is it and why?
POCKETS: Pavement's 'Wowee Zowee'. Fantastic album.

MK: Aqua's Aquarium.

Tell us your favourite one-liner.
POCKETS: Two fish in a tank.
MK: Go on.

You guys have had an incredible year, touring with The Prodigy, playing the festivals and releasing a critically acclaimed album. Is 2010 the year the Ape chills out and sits around eating bananas or is it going to be another year of going full throttle?
POCKETS: Tom and Adrian are allergic to potassium so we can't eat bananas out of sympathy. They get a condition called anomalous rectum. To the lay man this means his anus turns into a rather large Play-Doh factory where the poo comes out in all sort of odd shapes. Sometimes stars, sometimes thick strands of spagetti; but mostly in the form of a rather large hat. So in conclusion no. Hitler off.

MK: I have nothing to add to that.

Lastly, in three words describe life, the universe and everything within it...
Apes. Fight. Like.


I'm Beginning To Think You Prefer Beverley Hills 90210 To Me

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