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Chart Attack #6 - H'ween costumes

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Rigsy | 22:21 UK time, Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Stuck for a Hallowe'en costume? Looking for something music related, but both money and time are an issue? Well, this really isn't the blog for you as all these suggestions are (at best) ridiculously expensive or (at worst) literally impossible.

1. Daft Punk

Myself and ATL producer Paul McClean wanted to go as Daft Punk. Given we're DJ-ing together on Saturday, we knew we'd look beyond awesome. We even thought about splashing out on the proper helmets if they were, you know, less than £100. Turns out they're around $14,000. And you need a license from the guys themselves.

I briefly discussed re-mortgaging my house or selling one of McClean's children as an option before McClean, the absolute spoil sport, shot me down. So speak to him if we end up in rubbish costumes.

There have been some good home-made attempts, but getting even a close approximation seems like a total melt. Look at this, like... MELT.

2. Kraftwerk

If you're lucky enough to have three friends that listen to your suggestions (I know I don't) this is a pretty impressive option.

Easy enough, if you go for the Man Machine era. Marginally more difficult if you go for the robot option, which will involve the removal of some skin.

3. Animal from the muppets

Not sure how this would be doable given the streams of red fuzz coming out of his face (which tops my ginger beard even at it's most impressive) but this would work an absolute treat, simply because you'd be permitted, nay OBLIGED to run about the party shouting at people and generally being a bit of a maniac. Which is quite possibly what you'd planned anyway. At least this way you have an excuse.

4. Blur

Or more specifically the wee milk carton from the Coffee & TV video!

Bonus points if you get a loved one to be the wee pink carton as well.  Easy enough, if you've some cardboard, blue markers and aren't an idiot. Needless to say, I don't qualify.

But seriously, look how happy this costume can make you...


5. David Bowie.

But, like, a wee bit of every costume he's ever worn in a video EVER. Then play Bowie-bingo!

This would involve people pointing at specific parts of your costume and naming the song.

If that sounds like way too much hassle for very little reward, that's because it is.

Just don't go as Ziggy cause that's been done to death.

You're welcome!


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