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Chattering Classes #2 - Nakatomi Towers

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Rigsy | 13:22 UK time, Monday, 26 October 2009

I reckon Belfast really needed a band like this.Nakatomi-Towers---Dave.jpg

We've so much going on - dubstep (Boxcutter), instrumental giants (And So I Watch You From Afar), retro rock (The Answer), scuzzy indie (Panama Kings)... but of the twenty or thirty "big" acts in the country, none make straight up pop music. And then Nakatomi Towers come along to save the day.

They might not appreciate being termed *just* pop - this is 'electro-pop' if it's anything, but regardless, this band write catchy hooks, with the type of female vocalist and 80s sensibility that could really see them fit snugly into a top ten often full of similar sounding (if totally inferior) 'pop' acts.

Anyway, ahead of a headline show at the Stiff Kitten next Wednesday, we present to you, fifteen minutes on facebook with Dave Frecknall, one half (with vocalist Julianne Shawe) of the marvelous Nakatomi Towers...


2:00pm - rigsy: yo yo, you there?

2:00pm - Dave: Thats a ten four good buddy

2:00pm - rigsy: I'M GOING TO INTERVIEW YOU TO WITHIN AN INCH OF YOUR LIFE... in fifteen minutes

2:01pm  - Dave: Bring it!!!

2:01pm - rigsy: ha ha. right, what can you see around you BTW? where are you? and we have to be quick, my laptop explodes after 15 minutes sacrafice grammar!!!!

2:02pm - Dave: In the living room at me and Juliannes. You could call it Naktomi towers.... I can see my bike, lots of mess, and our new studio monitors!! yay.

2:02pm - rigsy: yeah i remember you boasting about yr new moniters on twitter or facebook, ha ha... youz live together?!

2:03pm - Dave: yup, we're like the monkees or something. and the monitors are sexay... cant use em for a week though cos i need my ears syringed and everything sounds like im underwater at the minute... gahh typical for me

2:03pm - rigsy: i have waxy ears too but i like to think it's natural protection against the kind of racket the likes of you guys make as in, i can hear it nice and loud

2:04pm - Dave: its my excuse for not wearing attenuators (i think thats how its spelt) earplugs :0

2:04pm - rigsy: cause youz live together, how much time on average a day do youz work on band stuff?!

2:05pm - Dave: hmmm well promo stuff gets done here and there, we work on tunes quite a bit... on a slow day we might not bother with band stuff at all, other days you could be talking 5/6 hours easy

2:05pm - rigsy: is one of you the boss? as in... RIGHT, WE NEED TO FINISH THIS TRACK NAI! I DON'T CARE IF IT'S FRAISER WEEKEND ON PARAMOUNT etc

2:07pm - Dave: well... nope. :) :) but jules does take care of a lot of the promo stuff and i tend to be the mad professor chained to my laptop trying to find the perfect snare drum sound.

2:07pm - rigsy: and it came up in our onair review on monday night (which hopefully you heard) and i think i've mentioned it before youz always seem so happy. i know thats a stupid thing to say. but you aren't trying to be cool or moody looking - in all yr press shots and when you're onstage you're always beaming!! happy and... likable i guess

2:09pm - Dave: That review was amazing first off. I want to buy that girl a pint. Umm as for the happy thing, i dunno, its my default mode! Same goes for Jules. Its always nice to smile for a photo and we're always having a blast onstage so yeah I guess it comes across. We dont do moody

2:10pm - rigsy: what if you do a very dark, moddy piece of music? smiling during that is gonna seem a little odd 

2:10pm - Dave: Moddy?

2:10pm - rigsy: ha ha, moody. please LORD don't do moddy. WELLER GOES ELECTRO *bokes*

2:10pm - Dave: Well yeah I guess, I'd quite like to do something brooding and atmospheric but it probably wouldnt be Nakatomi Towers

2:11pm - rigsy: right, we've four minutes left. lets get down to business. what TWO bands keep coming up when you hear other people descibe yr music

2:11pm - Dave: Hot chip and I have been so exciteed that peeps have been comparing us to SMD I mean we're not in their league but the comparison is very flattering

2:12pm - rigsy: SMD are a wee bit more bangin' than you guys imo less poppy

2:12pm - Dave: yeah but you don't know what we have in store for you...

2:12pm - rigsy: mean that in a good way, but do you think you'd like to develop a bit more into, i dunno, more techno or something well that answers that!

2:13pm - Dave: thats all i'm sayin

2:13pm - rigsy: you gonna bring the rave, dave? i didn't mean that to ryhme. feel wick

2:14pm - Dave: possibly. we'd love to go a bit heavier but we're figuring out how to do it in a live context and we dont wanna have to sacrafice the pop aspect but you know... we listen to a lot of bangin electro...

2:14pm - rigsy: very quickly then, and it has to be super fast, tell people reading a bit about the live show ahead of this gig HURRY UP MAN!

2:14pm - Dave: Live guitars bass and vocals - programmed synsth - lots of smiles and FUN

2:14pm - rigsy: ha ha! on that bombshell...

2:15pm - Dave: Dammit you made me misspel synth - the pressure!!!!

2:15pm - Dave: You mad me misspell misspell bleeehhhhhh

2:15pm - rigsy: you're losing it now...

2:15pm - Dave: Thanks you kindly sir. Was that 15 mins?

2:15pm - rigsy: spelling is overrated

2:15pm - Dave: I need a lie down. Hugs!  xox

2:15pm - rigsy: go and lie down amongst yr speakers. ta dude!!!!

2:16pm - Dave: Ta ra

2:17pm - Dave is offline


Nakatomi Towers have kindly supplied a free download for your ears. Right-click and select 'Save Target As...' to download it to your computer: 'What You See' mp3



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