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Pulled Apart By Horses Q & A

ATL | 16:20 UK time, Wednesday, 28 October 2009

PABH_2.jpgThey may not be about long, but Pulled Apart by Horses are certainly making up for lost time. Right now they're in the middle of a UK & Ireland tour with the giants that are Biffy Clyro. Tonight they've stopped in Belfast to play St. George's Market - after which they will join the Club STA party in the Menagerie with Not Squares and AU DJs.

So we thought, since they're squeezing every ounce out of their time in Belfast, we'd catch up and get to know them a bit better before they riff right across our city.


Hello there, and how the Dickens are you right now?

Hey, hey, hey, we're all excited and a tad nervous. We've just turned up in Southampton Guildhall for the first date of our tour with Biffy Clyro! Played a good 'un last night in Cardiff for Swn festival - ended up having a merry drink and collectively feel like something has loaded excrement into our heads today.

Why the heck should we give a stuff about your band then ;)?

Tom - We can't force you to listen to our music (unless you see us live) but if your sick to the back teeth of your usual everyday, play it safe, indie bands, etc that are galloping around today then go for it! You only live twice! Without trying to be eaten up by a massive cliché, we're just a group of crude dudes keeping it fun, stupid, honest and simple. Think Spinal Tap but with worse haircuts and dole incomes.

When and how did you all get it together to become Gods of Rock?

Tom - Well I could tell you a story about each individual being created from a single bolt of lightning from Thor's Flying V... but the real story is that James, Rob and Lee started practicing a few songs, attempting to do something in a similar vein to Jesus Lizard. I knew James from managing my old band and after we split up he asked me to come along to a practice with my guitar and shout. I kinda mucked up their plans really. After that we pumped about 4 songs out and booked a run of gigs and since then our lives have been a little different. Totally cack. But awesome.

James - It came together quite oddly really. Time and place and all that shizzles. If Tom had of stayed with Mother Vulpine, and they hadn't of broke, I think the band might well of been totally different.

Rob - Yes! We got the word "cack" in the interview.

TOPICAL QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The BBC recently allowed BNP leader Nick Griffin airtime on the prestigious Question Time programme, but what we want to know is who would win in a fight between Family Guy's Peter Griffin and an actual Griffin?

Tom - I as going to go with Peter Griffin to be honest with you, he has the guns of a tank and can do at least 6 push ups on command. But then I remembered the power of the mythical flying lion bird beasts known as Griffin's and knew that they'd have anyone... absolutely anyone! It's all in the talons! Jeez, even if they pooped on your head as they flew over they would probably crack your skull!

The onstage activities of the band are becoming legendary, should we alert the A+E depts. Of our local infirmaries in advance of your visit?

Lee - Haha, our reputation certainly does seem to precede us. I wouldn't be too worried but its best to have a first aid kit on standby. Just to be safe. There could be blood.

James - I know for a fact I will certainly be causing some kind of harm to myself. Not on purpose or anything. It's just a given now. I get far too overexcited.

pulledapartbyhorses.jpgYour house has been maliciously set ablaze by as yet un-named evil forces, but you have the strength to battle the flames and fumes to rescue one piece of music, what is it and why?

Lee - I think it would have to be 'Eliminator' by ZZ Top. I've loved that album for longer than I can remember. It's the sound of 3 bearded Texans embracing the technological revolution of the 80s. Pure gold.

James - 'Goat' by The Jesus Lizard. Easy. Oh hold on... erm. Can I not take 3? Ah I hate these type of questions.

Tell us your favourite one-liner.

Lee - If I told you that then I don't think I'd paint myself in a very good light. Anything in bad taste about a dead celebrity will do.

James - Sorry, it just fell off. I didnt touch it. I swear.

How did the hook up with Smalltown America, a Derry-based indie label, come about and how do you plan to achieve global domination?

Lee - Well we aren't really "hooked up" with them but we first met them guys when we toured with We Vs The Shark, a most excellent band from Athens, Georgia. I think we're gonna be having a little party with them in Belfast. They'd better supply the white cider.

Tell us this, if your band was a film, which film would you be and why?

Rob - Last Tango in Paris, because none of us are lactose intolerant.

James - Mullholland Drive. Mainly because nothing makes any sense whatsoever.

Who is the greatest human to have ever lived?

Rob - Probably Bill Murray.

James - I think we might all agree on that one. But my 2nd would be Oliver Reed.

Lastly, in three words describe life, the universe and everything within it.

Rob - Difficult to comprehend.

James - Massive [expletive deleted] egg.

Tom - Power, pain and sangria (If the world was an orange it would be well too small mate).




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