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Tweet The Day Away

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Rigsy | 12:11 UK time, Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I know saying this now is the equivalent to shouting 'WHASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUP' a good two years after those irritating adverts, but Twitter really is great craic. Seriously.

In the last year or so, I've learned more about a handful of musicians and celebrities I'm intrigued by or admire than I would by watching (or doing!) any number of "insightful" interviews. I know what they're like when they're not in work mode - when they're off the leash and able to say what's really on their mind. And it turns out most of them are reassuringly daft, insecure and... well, human. Twitter makes everyone look human.

My favourite twit is Calvin Harris. Mostly he posts up utter nonsense - gibberish about what he's eating and distress at what's on TV or what's not in the mini-bar. Surprisingly entertaining stuff. But he's at his best when he's raging and at his best again when he's raging at some poor kid. You see, Calvin Harris checks who's mentioned his name. Religiously. Once, a grumpy teenager slagged him off, as you would if you're... well, a grumpy teenage. Calvin replied with something along the lines of "how many number one singles have you had? That's right... none!!"

So Calvin is insecure, easily wound up and gets into pointless online rows with people he shouldn't pay any attention to. Like quite a few of us, I'd imagine.

The latest person to unveil a vaguely unpleasant side to their personality was legendary DJ Felix Da Housecat. Convinced his Berlin counterpart DJ Hell had stolen and released a sample Felix had originally recorded with P Diddy, Felix briefly lost his mind, posting up tweet after tweet of unadulterated bile for all the world to see. Don't get me wrong - if anything I love Felix even more after finding out that his temper (and indeed his spelling) is as bad as mine.

Then you've Nile Rodgers. The Chic frontman, in his 50s, is never done spreading the love. The world knew about his now legendary Electric Picnic show before ATL even had the review up - that really is saying something.

As for the tabloid-y end of Twitter - car crash conversations between the likes of Chris Moyles and Lily Allen are always fun. Just today she was getting the boot into his show, personally attacking a member of his team. All the while, Chris keeps asking her out to dinner. Boke.

Some celebs spend too much time on Twitter. Phillip Schofield, for a start. I know way too much about this man. If I met him in the street, I could talk to him for hours. But then again he seems to spend half his time online talking to absolute strangers and making genuine connections with random members of the public. It's admirable. No disrespect to the likes of Annie Mac, but she's an example of someone who avoids the randoms and only seems to speak to her peers - in this case fellow DJs. Her updates are a treasure trove of great new tuneage, though.

What makes all this so much fun is the fact it's so easy to get involved. Without much effort, I've had direct (and public) replies from a couple of my favourite DJs (A-Trak and Mr Oizo). Obviously they have no idea who I am, but thought my comment on a track or whatever was somehow worth acknowledging. Best of all, I've had a full on conversation with a man who is literally my number one hero and my favourite human - Mr Graham Linehan. We discussed Hippies and what he thinks of Simon Pegg. It was the most excited I've been in front of a computer screen in my life.

But to sum up, let me tell you about the most brilliantly ludicrous celeb encounter I'll ever have. Once, I told Stephen Fry, (yes, STEPHEN FRY) about the Duckworth Lewis Method album. He replied back saying he'd heard it. Everyone saw. I felt like a made man.

Thanks Twitter, you made that day.



note: for ATL updates via Twitter, go here. For the unedited rantings of a lunatic, go here.


  • Comment number 1.

    Twitter absolutely fascinates me (and takes up waaaaaaay too much of my time). Good job no one in my 'real life' uses it or I'd probably get fired.

    I'm a relatively recent convert, but I love how many different uses/entertainments it can have, from all the stuff you mentioned to finding gems of information about news/current affairs, finding random blogs and sites and that. It does make one feel a little bit like a stalker sometimes (or maybe that's just me), though, to know so much about the lives of people you've never met and probably never will.

  • Comment number 2.

    You should check out Westwood's twitter.

    It's a work of Shakespearian genius.

    See also: Courtney Love.


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