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Electric Picnic 09 - Orbital

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ATL | 14:48 UK time, Saturday, 5 September 2009

Main Stage, Friday 4th September, 9.30pm

It was hard to know how to react to the news last year that Orbital were to reform and play some shows. Unlike, say... The Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk, they've never really had much relevance with a new generation of kids into dance music. With that in mind, even big, old-skool Orbital fans thought this was a bad idea, with the Hartnoll Brothers having bowed out with their heads held high in 2004. But here they are - both brothers and those hit singles five years older. 

So, do Orbital stand out on a bill these days? Not really.

Describe in a tweet: They're playing those wonderful tunes, but somehow we're still left cold.

Good Vibrations: 'Belfast' will remain a beautiful piece of music until the end of time, even if it does sound a little strange played about a third of the way through this set. 'Chime', played shortly after, also remains more than a little special.

Life's a beach: Maybe because it's not particularly loud (seriously guys, TURN IT UP!!), but Orbital's set is something of an anticlimax. The big tunes could have done a major reworking for this tour, but instead are performed as they were several years ago. Those visuals are pretty dated looking as well.

The big worry here is that a younger crowd seeing Orbital for the first town may wonder what all the fuss was about. Granted ATL left a little before the end (let us know what we missed via twitter), but it just seemed like this is one comeback that required a little more thought.

EP rating:  5/10


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