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Electric Picnic 09 - Okkervil River

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ATL | 17:01 UK time, Sunday, 6 September 2009

Cosby Stage, Sunday 6th, 3.15pm

Okkervil RiverIt's the start of the Americana afternoon at Electric Picnic. Okkervil River kick of proceedings, with The Acorn and Bell Orchestre soon after. The Texan 6-piece start their set with the the docile 'Plus Ones'. It really is lovely Sunday morning music, perfect for anyone with fuzzy heads, jippy tummies and tired eyes. The Latest Toughs and Real Blood go down well too. Okkervil work through the guts of their three albums - Black Sheep Boy, The Stage Names and last years The Stand Ins. And for those who know the band it's a brilliant tight set, and for those who were just sheltering for the first rain of the festival - they seemed to enjoy it too. The clouds seem to be lifting as Okkervil River finish their last song. Hopefully this is the start of another great day of music in Stradbally.

Describe in a tweet: From Texas to Laois and back again. yeo!

Good Vibrations: The sound of Real Blood, perfect really perfect

Life's a beach: Nothing really, except for the rain. oh the rain.

EP rating: 6/10


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