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Electric Picnic 09 - Major Lazer

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ATL | 20:23 UK time, Friday, 4 September 2009

Little Big Tent, Friday 4th September, 7.15pm

'When You Hear The Bassline' drops and the entire Little Big Tent goes mental. And I don't mean mental in the 'shouting out of the window of a car as you drive past the M-club at 2 in the morning mental', I mean like actual stark-raving bonkers. And not bonkers like Dizzy Rascal B.O.N.K.E.R.S... well you get the picture.

A mime-artist, obviously over-come by the aural assault of bass, started break-dancing as the Jamaican cartoon trip-hop act Major Lazer tore in to the guts of the packed crowd.

The setlist is fast paced, which is expected of Major Lazer - but some of it felt quite repetitive and slightly flat. They missed the stage presence of artists like Santigold and Nina Sky who give some of their songs a bit of omphh.

They finished with the absolute melter anthem Jump Up. A pre-organised stage invasion ensued, and a crowd of mainly female Lazer fans surrounded the band.

There's a bit of a sense of humour about this band. They build their whole image around the 'Major Lazer' cartoon character and on stage they pull it off.

The crowd have a sense of humour too. The mime has suddenly taken on a posse. He guides their every move - through the rope pull, the elevator walk and even the tricky "stuck in a glass box".

It was surreal, it was awesome and it was definitely Electric Picnic.

Jump Up finishes, the mimes disperse and this reviewer makes for the next act... 

Describe in a Tweet: They spelt Lazer wrong... but all is forgiven.

Good Vibrations: Jump Up - what a song.

Life's A Beach: Felt a bit flat with a limited line-up of just DJ and MC.

EP Rating: 7/10


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