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Electric Picnic 09 - The Duckworth Lewis Method

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ATL | 15:08 UK time, Saturday, 5 September 2009

Crawdaddy, Friday 4th September, 9.30pm

This is all a bit silly. The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon has his shin guards on, while across the stage, Pugwash's Thomas Walsh is pointing out the handlebar bit of his enormous, comedy beard. The entire band are wearing nice white hats and performing songs about cricket. Yup - all these songs are indeed... about cricket.

Silly is good though, right?

Describe in a tweet: Daft concept, daft times. It might not be cricket, but it's still pretty (test match) special.

Good Vibrations: Every song stands out, honestly. 'The Age of Revolution' is wonderfully jolly, 'Gentleman and Players' is the most... "dignified" piece of music we'll hear all weekend. 'Jiggery Pokery' (an entire song dedicated to a single throw of a red ball) is ridiculous amounts of fun while 'Mason on the Boundary', sung by Walsh, is luscious and sweet. A pretty blatant reminder of just how good that entire DLM album is.

Life's a beach: Not much bad to say about this at all, other than I still have no idea what most of those songs are about, so in their attempt to educate this reviewer about the joys of cricket, The Duckworth Lewis Method have FAILED.

EP rating: 8/10



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