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Oxegen 09 - M83

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ATL | 20:59 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Red Bull Music Academy, Friday 10th July, 7.30pm

Describe in a tweet: Glacial chill thaws to reveal a pulsing heartbeat.

What happened: The reaction of the crowd defines the word 'enthusiastic'. Really, all M83 would need to do in order to elicit mass hysteria would be to appear bored, and fiddle with their instruments. Which is handy, as this is exactly what they do, the crowd loving every disinterested moment. (At one point, one of the band removes their jacket, which causes a few revelers to start cheering with something approaching rapturous insanity.)

However, as the set goes on, the band's brand of fuzzy electronic shoegaze starts to tighten into something much more interesting, as the beats get harder, and the energy levels start to increase. About six songs in, and the band are finally earning the reaction they provoke. Drums pound, bass frequencies throb, and wave after wave of sound laps against our ears. By the end everyone in the crowd has their hands raised in the air, having been transported somewhere very special indeed.

This is a high: At one point, the crowd are moving as one. Everyone is jumping up and down, and the whole building appears to have a human heartbeat.

This is a low: At one point, chewing gum is removed from one of the vocalist's mouth, and held atop her finger. It's an unsavory image, to be honest.

Oxegen rating: 7/10


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