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Oxegen 09 - White Lies

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ATL | 18:20 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

The O2 Stage, Sunday 12th July, 5:10pm

White LiesDescribe in a Tweet: Like watching androids take on the emotional sing-along festival formula.

What Happened: White Lies sound good - no doubt about that. They're perfectly in time and professionally precise. And their popularity is obvious as the numbers swarm around the O2 Stage area. But the problem with White Lies is that they look and act like androids, turned on and programmed to play 50 minutes of crowd pleasing emotional festive pleasing rock. Like the moody drones Joy Division and Interpol without much charisma.

They stand static while running through the motions of 'To Loose My Life', 'E.S.T', 'Unfinished Business' and 'The Price of Love'. The crowd absolutely lap it up - singing, chanting, clapping during the choruses and then throwing muck, chatting and divert their attention elsewhere during the verses. In fact, in a way White Lies are being used and abused. The crowd just want their chorus fix and aren't too bothered about the rest.

However, for the last song 'Death', front man Harry McVeigh shows some human like qualities while the crowd surged forward. The punters sang along with a visually chuffed (for uno momento) McVeigh urging them to sing it with out him. They happily oblige.

This Is a High: Watching the crowd, in bliss, singing the lyrics to 'Death' in unison.

This Is A Low: Trying to leave during the last song and realising the struggle through the punters was too much for a lone soul. Waited it out.

Oxegen Rating: 6/10


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