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Oxegen 09 - The Maccabees

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ATL | 18:47 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

Hot Press New Bands Stage, Sunday 13th July, 6.00pm

Describe in a Tweet: Bouncing with The Maccabees.

What happened: Feeling warm and dry I found myself in a bouncying Hot Press tent watching The Maccabees. Hearing the lyrics "dear friend of mine" (from 'No Kind Words') as I enter the tent immedately made me feel welcome.

Although they did suffer some technical issues, this went unnoticed to the crowd as the band showed how tight a group they are. Playing songs like 'X-Ray' and 'Can You Give It'. With in 5 minutes I found myself jumping and sing as loud as I could.

The crowd showed their own vocal skill to tackle Orlando's range and we sang Happy Birthday to William The Maccabee stage hand, though I felt sorry for the guy as he was held by the band on stage.

Ending with 'Love you Better' I left the tent feeling uplifted happy and looking for a dance partner that would cut some new shapes with me. Till then I bouncy on as a one man dance machine. 

This is a high: Not being surrounding by the archetypal Oxegen punters, just music fans. 

This is a low: The walk back through said archetypes.

Oxegen rating: 8/10


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