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Oxegen 09 - The Answer

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ATL | 16:50 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

O2 Stage, Friday 10th July, 3.30pm

Cormac from The Answer struts his stuffDescribe in a Tweet: The Nordie invasion kicks of in style. In your best blues voice, then: aawwwwwwww yeah.

What happened: For 'best at what they do', The Answer are constant champions of the universe. From approximately 27 seconds in (i.e, the time it takes Cormac Neeson to holla 'GOOOOOD AFFFFTERRRRRNOOOOOOOOON OXEGEN FESTIVAL. WE ARRRRRRRE THE ANNSWWWWERRRRRRRR') you know that....it's on. Given they've played to around fourteen billion people this year on tour with AC/DC, I guess there's no excuse for them not to know how to work a crowd. Very, very well.
From early highlight (both in the set and their career) 'Come Follow Me' to closer 'Under the Sky', they're showing off a little development over two albums and a knack for the type of showmanship no other band from Northern Ireland can offer.

This is a high: The 'Belfast blues off' - during which Corman challanges the crowd to imitate his hollerings, something even guitarist Paul Mahon can do with six strings. If we weren't on board by then (and we were, frankly), we're now hanging on their every note.

This is a low: Not the best turn out at the start, but despite the rain gradually getting heavier during the set, the crowd has quadrupled by the end. So not really a low at all, then.

Oxegen rating: 8/10


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