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Oxegen 09 - St. Vincent

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ATL | 14:27 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

The IMRO Stage, Saturday 11th July, 7:30pm

Describe in a Tweet: Annie Clarke & co. make a wave of noise that knocks you for six.

What Happened: The last time I seen St. Vincent, aka Annie Clarke, was as a lone performer looking lost on stage at the Spring & Airbrake in Belfast. However her best efforts were largely ignored by the bustling crowd waiting for The National to headline.

Today she returned and this time with one helluva band. What sounded like beautiful strange pop songs solo turned into loud, in your face, gut tearing rock with the band. Annie commands the stage with an eccentric confidence. And it's this confidence that highlights her absolute ease in what she does.

These beautiful, crafted tunes are ripped into life with a clatter of noise that smacks you in the face. And it's the energy from the band that has left St. Vincent engrained in my mind.

This Is a High: Sheer volume and power hitting the expectant audience.

This Is A Low: The poor sound that bounced around the tent.

Oxegen Rating: 8/10


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