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Oxegen 09 - Republic of Loose

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ATL | 23:53 UK time, Friday, 10 July 2009

Heineken Green Spheres, Friday 10th July, 9.25pm

Describe in a tweet: Colossal funk machine requires no oil.

What happened: Some say it is rude to join a party late, but the recently lean and hungry looking Mick Pyro and his eleven-strong Republic of Loose don't mind at all. We're all very welcome. Make no mistake though, you'll not be making yourself feel at home. It is business time.

The ridiculously massive tent (capacity 11,000 apparently) is patchy in numbers to begin with, but the Loose can always rely on their snake-hip voodoo hoodoo and steadily the enormodome fills from all angles. 'Shame', starts to push up the temperature, 'I Like Music' brings it to the boil, with 'Break' and 'Comeback Girl' bubbling over into something close to rave hysteria. There have been some cod tributes to the late Jacko already at this festival, but 'Wannabe Startin' Something' is the genuine article, the lineage and musical debt obvious - but repaid in full.

This is a high: The singalonga-Mick-Pyro moment during Comeback Girl lasted about three weeks and induced utter pandemonium.

This is a low: There is nothing even remotely approaching a musical low, but why can't the spides just find the dance arena and stop bashing around into regular decent folk like some pretty unfunny Buckfast pinballs?

Oxegen rating: 9.9/10


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