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Oxegen 09 - Passion Pit

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ATL | 18:44 UK time, Saturday, 11 July 2009

Hot Press New Bands Stage, Saturday 11th July, 6pm

Describe in a Tweet:  The one we'll all be talking about, whether we were there or not.

What happened:  The big(ish) question amongst fans of the current cut and paste maestros, was whether they could pull it off live. They can.

This is a high: Having to blag your way into a tent thats so full people are making do with listening outside- it's reassuring to know a lot of people are aware of the majesty of this band. Then realizing you could actually hear what was going on, despite the somewhat scatty and gloriously unhinged nature of the music they make. 'Sleepyhead' proves that Michael Angelakos actually *is* making that wonderful, child like noise on vocals while 'The Reeling' tears the place apart. I'd say a good two thirds of the crowd know these songs, but by the end every single punter is singing along. This years Vampire Weekend, anyone?

This is a low: The only low point of a memorably show was when this reviewer stood in a massive pool of what we can only hope was your normal, run of the mill watery mud and not...well, you know.

Oxegen rating: 9/10


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