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Oxegen 09 - Nightbox

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ATL | 17:45 UK time, Saturday, 11 July 2009

IMRO Stage, Saturday 11th July, 5:40pm

Describe in a Tweet: The young Wicklow lads have the songs but a bit more practice would do them no harm.

What Happened: Nightbox launch into a barrage of hooks and shout along choruses that The Fratellis would be proud off. But musically it's more Cajun Dance Party meets The Holloways via Vampire Weekend. They have some good songs in the mix and instrumentally the band are pretty much together. But it's the vocals that let them down today. With 3 part harmonies,  interchanging vocals and syncopated yelling - it would need a lot of practice to pull off well. Today, however, the vocals fall flat on many occasions.

The good thing is that when mixed with their infectious indie pop, you can forgive them. But it's something they'll have to tackle before progressing anywhere near to the standard of their influences. Still, they're giving out their EP free to the punters, so maybe they might pick up some new fans today.

This is a High: Medley of MGMT and Kings of Leon that actually worked well.

This Is a Low: The flat vocals that spoiled some really good songs.

Oxegen Rating: 5.5/10


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