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Oxegen 09 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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ATL | 15:58 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

The O2 Stage, Saturday 11th July, 11:35pm

Nick Cave kicks proverbial assDescribe in a Tweet: Nick Cave kicks and gyrates to, with out doubt, justify his legendary status.

What Happened: Ah, festivals. Trying to fit everything in left me 20 minutes late for Nick Cave, so I had to make a speedy bee line for the distinctive gravelly voice emanating from the O2 stage.

I arrived in time for 'Henry Lee' before Cave declared he was "attempting to open up the heavens" with his next song. 'We Call Upon the Author to Explain" roared through the crowd, vibrating the ground under our feet and punching us in the chest in a wave of audio debris.Thankfully the rain stayed away while we were put through the extreme elements of the Bad Seeds ferocious onslaught.

Warren Ellis scrambled on the ground, twitching at pedals and making glitchy strangeness that demanded the casual listeners attention. While Nick Cave cemented the title of sexist, most devilish performer I have ever seen. In fact, I have personally elevated Nick Cave to the status of a demi-god.

They followed by 'a song to weep ourselves to sleep', aka 'The Weeping Song', 'The Mercy Seat' and the poppier 'There She Goes, My Beautiful'. But it was under a wash of burlesque red light that Cave and Co. began 'Stagger Lee' and their true brilliance shone through. With Cave gyrating, strutting and kicking the air he brought elements of a dark, gritty, seedy world to Oxegen. Ending the set in a vitriolic barrage, he left the crowd stunned in awe of what they just saw. Legend.

This Is a High: The unbelievable stage presence that few will ever be able to match.

This Is A Low: The only low is missing the first 20 minutes of the set. 

Oxegen Rating: 10/10


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