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Oxegen 09 - Kings of Leon

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ATL | 14:42 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

Main Stage, Saturday 11th July, 11.30pm

Describe in a Tweet: KOL - Rain stoppingly good.

What happened:  We were wondering how the Kings of Leon would work in the rain - it seemed like such an alien concept.

We shouldn't have wasted time thinking about it - Kings of Leon are so irritatingly cool that, despite everyone blowing up rubber dinghies at 10pm, by the time they come onstage we're enjoying a nice, mild, July evening. Perhaps they had a word with the big man, but i doubt they needed to - seems *everyone* loves this band. Their performance tonight outlines why.

This is a high: Realizing that even though they've played 'Molly's Chambers, 'Four Kicks', 'Sex on Fire' and 'Charmer' within about thirty minutes, we've still a bunch of mammoth hits to look forward to. This band are armed and dangerous. 'Fans' and 'Manhattan' are notably awesome, simply because their warmth is appreciated after the day we've had. Oh, and 'Closer' is a highlight of the entire weekend.

Also - the lengthy speech about them waking up every day and thanking God they're so lucky to have such wonderful lives (and how they incredibly grateful to fans like those here at Oxegen) was both surprising and genuinely touching.

This is a low: ATL is a little disappointed and slightly bitter that a comparatively new band have pretty much wiped the floor with Blur, in the crowd reaction stakes at least. That's only because we're so old, though.

Oxegen rating: 8/10  


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