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Oxegen 09 - Foals

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ATL | 19:26 UK time, Sunday, 12 July 2009

Heineken Green Spheres Tent, Sunday 12th July, 6.30pm

FoalsDescribe in a Tweet: Un peu d'air sur la terre, up da foals! lolz omgz.

What happened: Yannis Philippakis tore in to the first track Olympic Airwaves with the same amount of gusto as when I tore in to my over-priced 'gourmet' burger. On 'French Open' he cried at the crowd "waste away, waste away", but even on the third day of this muck fest they call a festival the crowd was still giving it wellies. By the time 'Cassius' was being belted out the throng was positively galloping to their beat. Everyone looks knackered, but it's time to party...

This Is a High: Man in horse mask dancing to the Foals. It was like the moons of mars aligned for one sweet moment.

This Is A Low: Man in horse mask dancing to the Foals did not dampen our spirits.

Oxegen Rating: 7/10


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